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ittigerburningbright asked:   
  If Peter gets to be invited to the boy band then so does Tom. Show ALL the classic Doctors some love.

((Tom was offered a role in the Five(ish) Doctors Reboot and he rejected it because he had already been contacted to do the 50th. He didn’t say anything to any of the other actors about it and let them look fools when Colin claimed ‘nobody from the classic era is in the 50th’ in an interview.

Colin has claimed he understands why Tom rejected being in the Fiveish and why he lied about not being in the 50th, but still.

I’m sorry, but Tom hasn’t shown the love the rest of the classic doctor’s actors have done to the show, and he has only recently started making Big Finish audios (that’s why there’s only like 3 seasons of Fourth Adventure audios and more than 170 audios in the main range). 

I don’t know where Tom was when the rest of the cast was working with Big Finish (probably getting paid a misery if I had to guess) to keep the show alive.

I don’t think Tom gets to be invited to the boy band tbh.

  1. ittigerburningbright said: Yeah, I heard his reasons for not wanting to be in The Five Doctors, but the rest of this information is new to me. BAD TOM. Tom, you were in the show the longest. VERY BAD TOM.
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